When you cannot distinguish apples from oranges. Or reimagining patch management.

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At the time this blog is being posted, the referred post has been removed by the original publisher. The intention of this blog is not to make product comparisons, but clarify the challenges Flexera’s products for managing software vulnerabilities are helping solve. By Marcelo Pereira, Product Marketing Manager A recent social media post by a...Read More

Chasing WannaCry? What about Adylkuzz?

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By Kasper Lindgaard Newly identified attack using EternalBlue and the DoublePulsar backdoor highlights the importance to patch vulnerable systems to stay secure. Yesterday, malware researcher Kafeine released a blog describing another attack using the Eternalblue exploit and the backdoor DoublePulsar, dubbed Adylkuzz. According to the blog the “Initial statistics suggest that this attack may be...Read More

Prevention is futile: A story that will make you WannaCry…

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by Marcelo Pereira WannaCry is a great example how neglecting security patches can have a catastrophic impact on businesses. Last week’s big cybersecurity story, the “WannaCry” ransomware attack, makes me think of how bothered I feel when I hear the sentence “Prevention is futile”. The belief that prevention is futile encourages organizations to neglect simple,...Read More

The BIG Ransomware Attack that Could Have Been Avoided!

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By John Emmitt Ransomware attacks are not uncommon; they are happening every day now. But, as reported in every major news outlet on the planet, including this article in Dark Reading, a new strain of ransomware called WannaCry (aka WanaCrypt and WCry) has spread through at least 74 countries. Tens of thousands of computers have...Read More

Microsoft Retires Security Bulletins as Customers scramble to revise how they research software vulnerabilities

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Microsoft customers have reported a considerable increase in the amount of time it takes to digest software vulnerability information using the new Microsoft Security Update Guides portal (SUG).  Microsoft stopped publishing security bulletins starting with the April 2017 edition of Patch Tuesday. Security Bulletins have been around for years and administrators have built their processes...Read More

Understanding Your Role in Cybersecurity Defense and Software Vulnerability

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Organizations are under constant attack by hackers targeting applications used by the business. The University of Maryland recently quantified the near-constant rate of attacks on computers with Internet access to every 39 seconds, and we believe that is a conservative estimate. The best defense requires a holistic approach and collaboration of different teams across the...Read More

PSI 2.0 is end-of-life, upgrade to the latest version!

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We love the passion and loyalty of those that have used Personal Software Inspector (PSI) 2.0 over the years!  But the time for PSI 2.0 – and earlier versions – to shut down has arrived. Please make sure you update to PSI 3 now to keep protecting your PC! PSI continues to be the preferred...Read More

Vulnerabilities are on the rise and all the findings of Vulnerability Review 2017

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The Annual Flexera Vulnerability Review Shows 81 Percent of All Vulnerabilities Had Available Patches, Yet Common Software Programs Remain Unpatched Vulnerabilities are a root cause of security issues – errors in software that can work as an entry point for hackers, and be exploited to gain access to IT systems.  In 2016, Secunia Research at...Read More

My Software Vulnerability and Patch Management New Year’s Resolutions

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By Marcelo Pereira, Product Marketing Manager As we start the new year, there is one certainty: we will continue to see costly breaches driven by the exploitation of well-known software vulnerabilities. In a recent webinar, I talked about the challenges that stop organizations from implementing effective best practices for vulnerability and patch management.   To help...Read More

Patch Management Strategies: The numbers game that doesn’t help anyone

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Every year, researchers and organizations working with vulnerability reporting release their findings from previous years and it’s always the same: plenty of inconsistent numbers. Some say the count is up, some say the count is down. Normally the divergent numbers open heated discussion in forums, with passionate arguments and big disagreements. The fact is: no...Read More